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LC has been working with remote indigenous communities in and around Yirrkala in NE Arnhem Land (the Yolngu people) since 2005. The program was originally targeted at assisting Yolngu school leavers to study engineering, but has morphed very substantially to the more modest target of assisting Yolngu school leavers to bridge the gap between western and Yolngu cultures.

The founding principle of the program is the recognition of the vastly different cultural background and worldview of the Yolngu people compared to the mainstream western view. The LC program, being developed with frequent interaction with the community groups and elders, is based on the fact that failure of the Western community to understand the Yolngu worldview affects us not at all, while failure of the Yolngu to understand the Western view leads to very short life expectancy, hopelessness, high youth suicide rates, drug abuse, and other aspects of spiralling despair.

Therefore the program is aimed at

  • Increasing awareness by Yolngu of Western culture and attitudes
  • Building belief that participation in Western culture is possible
  • Building a vision for how participation in Western culture may be beneficial (employment, business, training, communication etc)
  • Achieving long term employment prospects in the remote community
  • Working at all times with the Yolngu view and motivations relevant to the people involved

The participants start by attending a 3 week induction course followed by a series of 2-3 months' work experience placements in which we build on the 9-5, Monday - Friday concept, and work on literacy and numeracy issues. Our hope is that if a participant has completed 3 or 4 work experience units, they will be ready to start a business in Yirrkala, take a reasonable job within the Yirrkala or Nhulunbuy communities, or commence some form of undergraduate study.

We are not asking them to make any commitment beyond the next step, and are endeavouring to ensure that the completion of every step will enhance their understanding of and vision for western culture, and their employability within the remote community.

University education is being held up as the holy grail end point for this program, years down the track. The Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges at the University of Southern Queensland is co-sponsoring the program, along with the Yirrkala Dhanbul and Laynhapuy Homelands community groups based in Yirrkala.

Links to:

Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges

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Goodna Springfield Probus Club

Probus Goodna

The Goodna Springfield Probus Club utilise meet at GTP at 1.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month. [Visit Probus Website]

LC Youth skills development community program


LC has been working with remote indigenous communities in and around Yirrkala in NE Arnhem Land (Yolngu people) since 2006. The skills development program assists Yolngu school leavers to bridge the gap between western and Yolngu cultures through work experience placements leading toward university schooling. [More]


September 2015 - LC Titan - Australian Mining Prospect Awards - Finalist

LC Engineering - Australian Mining Awards Finalist

We are pleased to announce that the LC Titan 3330 - Load Haul Optimisation Technology has been selected as a finailist in the "Innovative Mining Solution" category for the 2015 Australian Mining Prospect Award. [Read More]

April 2015 - LC Titan features in Australia's Mining Monthly Magazine

LC Engineering - Australian Mining Article

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November 2014 - LC Titan features in Australian Mining Magazine

LC Engineering - Aimex

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February 2014 - LC exhibits at Mining Indaba 2014

LC Engineering - Mining Indaba 2014

LC Engineering participated in the Austrade Delegation at the Mining Indaba Conference 2014. [Read More]

August 2013 - LC presentation at AIMEX 2013

LC Engineering - Aimex

LC director, Bruce Leslie presented at AIMEX 2013 on optimising hydraulic excavator digging performance for improved payload targeting. [Read More]

August 2013 - LC exhibited TITAN monitor at AIMEX 2013

LC Engineering - Aimex

LC Engineering exhibited the TITAN 3330 - Load Haul Optimisation at AIMEX 2013. [Read More]

July 2013 - LC presented at iVolve forum

LC Engineering - Aimex

Bruce Leslie from LC Engineering presented at the iVolve technical forum in relation to excavator digging optimisation. [Read More]

Dec 2012 - Resource in Focus article

Resource in Focus article

LC features in the December Edition of the Resource in Focus magazine publication. [Read Article]

Nov 2012 - LC / Kador Designed Mine Water Tanker Features in Mining Chronicle

Kador 150kL Mine Tanker

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Archived News

Sept 2011 - Tesla Roadster show'n'tell visit

Telsa Roadster

The Tesla Roadster on show around Australia pays a visit to LC at the Goodna Technology Park. [More]

Feb 2011 - LC certified as a Registered Research Agency

RRA - Registered Research Agency

LC was officially appointed as a Registered Research Agency (RRA) by AusIndustry in 2010. [More] [RRA Website]

Jan 2011 - LC offices avoid floods while shed goes under

GTP Flooding

LC offices fortunately avoided being flooded by a mere metre or so though the scale test facility and shed went totally under. [See More Pics]

Sep 2010 - 3 Students complete Undergraduate Theses projects at LC

Undergraduate Students

Three Students successfully complete undergraduate theses with LC, all scoring High Distinctions for their efforts. [More]

Jul 2010 - Focus Systems Engineering joins Goodna Technology Park

Focus Systems Engineering

LC welcomes Focus Systems Engineering to GTP, adding specialisation in electrical and automation technologies to the campus. [Visit Website]

Jun 2010 - LC Corporate Image Revamped


We have completed a rebranding and launched a new set of company logos. [Read more]

Sep 2009 - LC CEO, Bruce Leslie - Australian Institute of Management - meAwards Finalist


Bruce Leslie, CEO of LC was a finalist at the AIM Management Excellence Awards on Friday 10th of September. [More]

Jul 2009 - LC Graduates as Queensland Leaders Member


LC received Graduating Member Award on Friday 3rd of July. Queensland Leaders aims to develop the next generation of international corporations headquartered in Queensland. [More]

Jun 2009 - LC approved as ClimateSmart Business Cluster Leader


LC has been approved by the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management as a ClimateSmart Business Cluster Leader for the Western Corridor of Brisbane. [More] [South-West News Article]