Scale Testing

Go 4 Mining Scale Test Rig - Dragline Configuration


LC Engineering makes use of a 1:7 scale dragline operated by Go 4 Mining on a site at Goodna Technology Park.

Scale dragline buckets (with approximately 130 Litres capacity, weighing 100 kg) are fabricated from plate steel and tested to replicate the performance of the full-size buckets in the field.

LC Engineering has conducted many scale tests of dragline buckets and results have been verified and shown to be accurate with field data obtained from the full size machine. The scale testing of buckets has proven an invaluable tool in providing LC engineers with practical development and assurance of design performance.

Final production designs are modified for improved digging efficiency and accurate payloads as a direct result of the scale testing.

Go 4 Mining Scale Testing Excavator Rig

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LC Engineering also utilises Go 4 Mining's scale excavator for testing various aspects of large excavator bucket lips and components.

The machine is configurable with a scale CAT 6060 Back Hoe Boom (shown in image) or a CAT 6060 Tri-Power Face Shovel Boom.

Go 4 Mining Scale Test Rig - Rope Shovel Configuration

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The Go 4 Mining machine is convertible to a rope shovel configuration. This provides LC Engineering with a means of scale testing rope shovel designs and performance.

LC Engineering has previously provided practical solutions to Rio Tinto in regard to rope shovel performance through use of scale testing.


Taking the last ride in luxury:
2009 Australian International Design Awards Finalist


Co-designed by LC and Sydney-based Transport Design International, the ALLONGE GSB developed by John Allison/Monkhouse funeral directors is a current finalist in the Australian International Design Awards. [More]

QLD Engineering Excellence Awards:
Hurricane™ Bucket - High Commendation


The revolutionary, LC designed, CQMS Hurricane™ dragline bucket was awarded a High Commendation at the 2009 QLD Engineering Excellence Awards. The design enables an increased payload and decreased energy use. [More]

NASA - Mining the Moon:
Remote Automation of Scale Rig


NASA researcher remotely controls Go 4 Mining scale test dragline machine from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston utilising research and technology developed by CSIRO. [More] [QLD Times Article]

Kador Mine Water Tanker Features in Mining Chronicle

Kador 150kL Mine Tanker

The Mining Chronicle magazine featured an article in the November 2012 edition on the newly designed 150kL Water Tanks. [Read More] [Read Article]

Gemco E-Clip Tool Head Redesign


LC Engineering provided a redesign for the clipping head mechanism on Gemco's E-Clip machine, successfully developing an clever solution resulting in a high degree of performance and repeatability. [More]