Vibration Analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

LC Engineering provides general services in vibrational data collection, structural monitoring and analysis. With our extensive knowledge of data logging, LC Engineering has a depth of expertise to collect vibrational data and provide post analysis combined with real solutions.

Our VB8 vibration analyser and Ascent analysis and database logging software are very suited to many vibrational analysis troubleshooting scenarios. The hand held unit allows fast convenient data acquisition via magnetic base accelerometers with capabilities of recording channels simultaneously. Motor, gear and bearing definitions and known fault frequencies can be established, while Cross Channel Phase analysis can be utilised to diagnose machine faults such as misalignment, resonance, soft foot, and looseness. Alarm bands and baseline overalls can be set which can also be indicated on the VB8 while taking recordings. The VB8 can also carryout Demodulation, useful as an early warning device as it detects bearing tones before they are visible in a normal spectrum.

The demodulation spectra can be transferred to Ascent and analysed with the same techniques used for normal spectra (e.g. trend plots, alarms, fault frequencies, bearings, and gears).

VB8 four channel vibration analyser [Download VB8 Datasheet PDF]


VB8 - Ascent Sample Graph


Vibrating Screen Testing

LC Engineering has over 10 years experience in troubleshooting, testing and monitoring vibratory screens. We have worked closely with screen manufacturer, Ludowici, to verify and improve their market leading designs.

LC Engineering

  • Can provide monitoring service onsite for troubleshooting or in the workshop for testing and commissioning
  • Have developed our own specialized equipment for vibration and stress monitoring
  • Applies the same principles to other machines subject to vibration, impact and mechanical stress

When data acquired from vibration monitoring is combined with finite element analysis it provides a very powerful tool for better understanding the behaviour of your equipment. Understanding how your equipment behaves will lead to less unplanned maintenance, greater machine availability and lower maintenance costs.


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NASA researcher remotely controls Go 4 Mining scale test dragline machine from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston utilising research and technology developed by CSIRO. [More] [QLD Times Article]

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Kador 150kL Mine Tanker

The Mining Chronicle magazine featured an article in the November 2012 edition on the newly designed 150kL Water Tanks. [Read More] [Read Article]

QLD Engineering Excellence Awards:
Hurricane™ Bucket - High Commendation


The revolutionary, LC designed, CQMS Hurricane™ dragline bucket was awarded a High Commendation at the 2009 QLD Engineering Excellence Awards. The design enables an increased payload and decreased energy use. [More]

Taking the last ride in luxury:
2009 Australian International Design Awards Finalist


Co-designed by LC and Sydney-based Transport Design International, the ALLONGE GSB developed by John Allison/Monkhouse funeral directors is a current finalist in the Australian International Design Awards. [More]

Gemco E-Clip Tool Head Redesign


LC Engineering provided a redesign for the clipping head mechanism on Gemco's E-Clip machine, successfully developing an clever solution resulting in a high degree of performance and repeatability. [More]