24 volt uninterruptable power supply for 24 volt systems

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The TALOS 2080 – 24 volt SMART UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides support for 24V systems. Originally developed to support the MAX Watchdog System, the unit can be utilised to provide uninterrupted power supply to any system requiring 24 volts.

The TALOS 2080 - 24 volt UPS provides full management of shut downs and restarts and under normal running conditions it will automatically buck or boost the input voltage to maintain a smooth transient free 24V 5A DC supply regardless of input voltage. When the input voltage fails, or falls outside preset limits the backup battery is invoked. The transition between backup and pass-through mode is both seamless and glitch free.

The TALOS 2080 provides fully configurable management via the RS-232 interface to control limit requirements as well as start-up, shutdown and restart sequences providing invaluable protection to industrial PC’s or any other critical and sensitive 24 volt components.


  • Fully configurable controlled start-up, shutdown and restarts sequences for 24 volt components for complete power protection
  • Intelligently switches to and from backup battery supply as required with a seamless and glitch free transition
  • Ensure safe restarts and management against continued power failures
  • Limits, filters and protects against voltage surges, spikes and noise
  • Actively controls and regulates pass through 24V supply voltage to ±2V
  • Automatically recharges and maintains battery
  • Safely executes shutdown upon configurable gross overload limits
  • Monitor input and output voltages, currents, battery voltage, temperature, and fan speed
  • Panel or DIN-RAIL optional mounting
  • Optional Panasonic battery DIN-RAIL bracket available

The heart of the UPS is a highly efficient switch mode power supply (SMPS). This accepts a wide voltage range, from 18 – 30V and will automatically switch between buck or boost mode to step-up or step down the voltage to provide a highly regulated 24V DC supply at up to 5A continuous.

The input voltage is nominally 24V. The UPS is protected by an active high speed surge suppression circuit. This will actively limit and filter voltage transients, spikes or noise typically found in harsh environments. Further to this, if the voltage exceeds 60V the unit will safely shutdown. The input is also reverse polarity protected up to -60V. If the input voltage contains transients in access of ±60V a transorb will conduct protecting the circuit.

When the input voltage is outside user definable limits, the UPS will switch over to source its power from the 12V backup battery, stepping up to 24V with a seamless transition. When the input voltage returns and is stable, the UPS can be configured to seamlessly revert back to the main supply and automatically recharge the backup battery.

The output voltage is short circuit proof, will tolerate short term transient overloads, and will safely shutdown after a gross overload. The system monitors input and output voltages, currents, battery voltage, temperature, and fan speed. These values can be accessed at any time via the RS232 interface.

A key feature of the UPS is the controlled start-up, shutdown and restarts sequences for 24 volt components providing complete protection by enabling sufficient power allowance for safe and complete shutdowns

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